3 great US locations for cleantech companies

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3 great US locations for cleantech companies

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3 great locations you should consider if you are a Danish cleantech company looking to expand to the US

By Malene Kleppe-Hansen

This article focuses on 3 successful states relevant to Danish cleantech companies, to give you a review of the great opportunities for your business. Read or download the article here and get an insight into the cleantech industry in respectively Oregon, Colorado and New York.


Some of the highlights:

In the US cleantech industry, Oregon, Colorado and New York rank as respectively #3, #4 and #5 nationally, according to a 2015 survey. This article provides you with an overview of the industry in each of the states and sums up the key benefits.

Key benefits for cleantech companies in Oregon

  • Has one of the highest renewable portfolio standard targets in the country
  • Home to the National Energy Technology Lab
  • A national leader in wind power

Key benefits for cleantech companies Colorado

  • Colorado invests in various renewable energy sources
  • The state is home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Colorado is a recognized leader in LEED

Key benefits for cleantech companies in New York

  • New York ranks #5 in using renewable electric power
  • The state is the largest hydroelectric power producer east of the Rocky Mountains
  • New York has more than 300 hydroelectric stations generating electricity

This is part of a series including this article that reviews the US life science industry in California, Massachusetts and North Carolina, and this article where you can learn about great US locations for high tech!