3 great US locations for Life Science

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3 great US locations for Life Science

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3 great locations you should consider if you are a Danish Life Science company looking to expand to the US

By Malene Kleppe-Hansen

Location is a crucial part of your business strategy. This is a review of great resources for life science locations in the US. Read the article at the link below, and see how the industry thrives in California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.


Life Science Locations

Read or download the full article here DABF Life Science Locations in US

Some of the highlights:

Did you know that California is home to 2,848 life sciences companies, or that the state attracted nearly $5 billion in life sciences investments last year?

Key benefits for life sciences companies in California

  • Be part of the life sciences industry growth spurt
  • A strong life sciences economy
  • 3 independent areas of life sciences within the state


Massachusetts is specialized in biotechnology, but did you know that 8 of the top 14 NIH-funded independent hospitals in the US are located in the state, or that Massachusetts has developed various programs and incentives to support biotech companies which are also available to you?

Key benefits for life sciences companies in Massachusetts

  • A cluster specialized in biotechnology
  • Home to leading research hospitals
  • Benefit from various programs and incentives – and the platform Gateway


Did you know that North Carolina is the 3rd largest life sciences cluster in the US, and that the state is one of the places where you can turn your idea into a product, test it, manufacture and distribute it – all from one place?

Key benefits for life sciences companies in North Carolina

  • A strong community
  • North Carolina is home to 7 research parks, including the world’s largest
  • Invests in various workforce training initiatives


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