8 Strategies for Success in US: infographic

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8 Strategies for Success in US: infographic

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Below is an infographic we’ve developed to help you think about how to develop your initial US strategies.

Which route(s) will you take?

  1. Focus on a mega-region?
  2. Ensure and extra-strong value proposition?
  3. Become more agile than your competitors?
  4. Deliver “extreme customer service”, with individualized options, extra fast delivery?
  5. Deliver your product as a service, to add more value?
  6. Choose new channels, to be where your target group really is?
  7. Get closer to your customers, understanding their needs better than others do?
  8. Innovate your partnerships, vertical or horizontal?

These strategies were part of a great discussion with a futurist from Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies at our January 2016 Trends event here – hope you didn’t miss it!

8 Strategies for Success in US

8 Strategies for Success in US DABF




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