How can Danes adapt to American business culture?

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How can Danes adapt to American business culture?

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 US vs Denmark cultural differences

Our Danish member companies are always interested in understanding the cultural differences between Danes and Americans!  Here’s some good advice we’ve compiled from several of our recent events.

In this video, Heidi Rottboll Andersen from Living Institue gives advice on how Danes can learn to adjust to the very different American way of communicating, as well as the stronger hierarchical structure in companies.

Have a look also at this fun video that brings to life the different communication styles of Danes and Americans through a role-playing exercise where an American boss tried to convince a Danish employee to move to a new department and location (Moving to Legal by Living Institute):

Another great piece of advice comes from our Danish-American Business Forum Chairman of the Board, Peter Kurstein, who led the merger of businesses and cultures between Radiometer (Danish) when was acquired by Danahur (American).  In his Sept. 2015 presentation and short advice video below, he emphasizes the importance of communication, true engagement between people, and the importance of looking for cultural similarities and bridges, rather than focusing on the differences.

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