Advice from a former expat

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Advice from a former expat

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Are you considering moving to work in the US?  Here’s a presentation and some advice from Tine Rau Schiott, a former expat to Houston Texas, about what the employer and the family should consider, to maximize chances of success, both on assignment and on return.


Here’s Tine’s presentation from our October 2015 seminar. Key extracts:

Life Abroad– some differences for Danish families

  • Creating a network of people around you – close friends and supporting group
    • Reach for the ‘easy ones’ – other people in the same situation
    • Danish community : Vikingeskolen, Facebook groups/lunch groups, Danish club, Danish American Chamber of commerce
  • Really understanding cultural differences – hard to do
  • Medical doctors and insurance
    • Finding the right doctors
    • Within or outside network
    • The insurance system; claims and invoices
  • The school system
    • Americans start earlier in school, focus on learning
    • Testing, assessment and discipline
    • A lot of competition – going to the right school
    • More focus on learning and behavior than on‘thriving’, also with the younger kids
    • 3 months of summer holiday, American kids go to summer camps, makes it possible to take the kids to Denmark for a longer time

And here you can meet her and hear her advice: