Is a membership right for my company?

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Is an AmCham membership right for your company?

  • Are you starting up in the US and don't know where to locate?
  • Do you wonder what type of visa to get for your first Danish employee in US?
  • Are you confused about whether to establish a branch or a subsidiary?
  • Do you want to avoid risk and unnecessary expenses?
  • Do you need to keep up–to-date on the latest US laws, funding opportunities, trends that might affect your business?
  • Do you value having a strong network of people from other Danish companies facing US challenges similar to yours?
  • Can you make time to attend events to gain knowledge from experts and other members?

If you answer “Yes” to most of these questions, then an AmCham membership could be right for your company.

AmCham is a non-profit association of organizations from across all industries and company sizes in Denmark – from start-ups to the largest Danish headquarters.

For one annual fee, all your staff can participate in the events, covering topics from legal and HR to tax, marketing, and cultural issues. As a member, you have access to all the materials provided at the meetings.

As a member, you can also call on AmCham and staff to facilitate benchmarking experiences and answers from the other members of the network and from our associated service providers.

In addition to those beneifts, you also get the full range of use of ACCESSUSA’s benefits.

Here’s what members say they like about belonging to ACCESSUSA:

  • “I get answers to my specific questions, from the short, focused sessions on topics that help me address my challenges in US”
  • “I like the network of other Danish companies I meet, who are facing similar challenges – I can learn how they handled similar challenges, and share experience and solution ideas”
  • “ACCESSUSA enables us to meet and get inspiration from high-level CEOs , at the Annual General Meeting and at the Annual dinner at the residence of the US Ambassador to Denmark”
  • “ACCESSUSA’s close connection with the US Embassy and US Ambassador help give us good knowledge, inspiration and networks”
  • “ACCESSUSA meetings are informal and the speakers very approachable – everyone is comfortable to ask questions”
  • “The speakers are really good, and often able to inject humor even on deep legal and insurance topics”
  • ACCESSUSA staff really listen to our needs, are professional, helpful, and friendly”

We’re expanding in US and our ACCESSUSA membership gives us useful information on issues like M&A and recruiting Americans. It’s also inspiring to meet CEO’s of larger companies and hear how they’ve adapted to the US. We’d recommend ACCESSUSA to startups as well as companies transitioning to their next stage in US.

Michael Stanley,
VP Sales and Marketing, NKT Photonics

When we come back from a ACCESSUSA seminar, we always return with new knowledge, inspiration and very importantly with a valuable and increased network. ACCESSUSA provides tools, best practices and valuable knowledge about the US, helping to increase continuous growth

Palle Grøn Kjeldsen,
Senior Director, Falck Danmark A/S