How can we attract the right employees in US?

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How can we attract the right employees in US?

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How can you attract and retain the best employees to drive your business, especially as you expand into the US?

Beyond the practical issues such as recruiting in the right channels based on your location, industry and job category (separate topic to be covered in other articles), it is a great idea to develop and utilize an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to recruit and retain employees who are aligned with your mission.

According to Quadric, a strategic positioning, brand and marketing consultancy and member of DABF, the EVP should be developed as an outcome of the broader task of agreeing across your management team, what your company’s PURPOSE or mission is.  The PURPOSE can also be thought of as what you want your company to stand for, in other words, what you want customers, suppliers, employees to be saying about your company.   See example here from Volvo with Safety.

Volvo safety

The Purpose or Core Idea of your company should be exhibited not only through the marketing you do externally, through the brand identity logo and graphics, and through the products and services (operations), but also internally through the culture of the company and its current employees.  (see Quadric model below).

Quadric model

The Employer Value Proposition is essentially a statement of what your company offers potential employees – things you know they care about, that your company can credibly offer – but it cannot stand on its own. The EVP should have pillars to help describe what employees will get (see Arla example below or Dentsply Sirona example here). The EVP must dove-tail with your corporate purpose, so that they build on each other in a believable way.

Arla’s Vision is “Creating the Future of Dairy to bring Health and Inspiration to the World Naturally”, and the new EVP fits very well, which should help Arla to recruit and retain employees who are aligned with this overall purpose.

Arla Employer Value Proposition

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