Visa Requirements for Travel to US

  • legal, US employees, visa
In cooperation with US Embassy Copenhagen, DI hosted this short briefing on Jan 31 2017, focusing on what you need to know when traveling to the US for business. See slides about the different visa types here.
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Clues to build your US strategy

  • location, marketing, start-up, US growth, US strategy
Danish-American Business Forum members and guests learned how 2 Danish companies (NKT Photonics and Vipp), developed their US strategy and entered the market. Great Q&A helped participants get ideas for their own businesses. Hope you didn't miss it!
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Checklist for starting up your business in US

  • Checklist, start-up, US, US Market
Are you about to expand your business to the US? There are many things to consider before you begin. Danish-American Business Forum has made a checklist with the most important decisions to be made and where to begin.
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Success on the US Market: Booklet by DI

  • distribution, location, partnerships
This informative booklet by DI is from 2012 but still very valid.  It covers, among other areas: case studies of 3 Danish companies entering the US market do’s and don’ts, compiled from a comprehensive survey of Danish companies who have tried it how to develop successful partnerships You can download the booklet here:
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What should I consider before I start up in US?

  • branch, datterselskab, distributor, establishment, etableringsform, filial, handelsagent, legal, selskab, start-up, subsidiary
Some basic legal considerations you need to resolve before doing business in the US include: The pros and cons of various legal structures of business/sales in the US (Sales Agent, Third-party Distributor, Branch Office, Subsidiary), Contract style differences, US vs Denmark, Choice of law –venue/jurisdiction for dispute resolution,...
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