What are the key cultural differences between Danes and Americans?

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Liz Jones from the Foreign Ministry in New York put together some great information on cultural differences for the Fashion meeting in Copenhagen and Herning, October 2015, based on the 5-D model of Professor Hofstede, author of Culture and Organizations. Software of the Mind (McGrawHill 2005)...
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Advice from a former expat

  • cultural, Employees, Expatriation, holiday, insurance, medical, school
Are you considering moving to work in the US? Here's a presentation and some advice from Tine Rau Schiott, a former expat to Houston Texas, about what the employer and the family should consider, to maximize chances of success, both on assignment and on return...
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How can Danes adapt to American business culture?

  • adjust, communication style, cultural difference, culture, cultures, Danahur, Living Institute, M&A, merger and acquisition, Radiometer
Our Danish member companies are always interested in understanding the cultural differences between Danes and Americans! Here's some good advice we've compiled from several of our recent events...
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