Current Trends in US Food Safety

  • FDA, Food Regulations, US
Is your Danish company exporting food or drugs to the US? This article explains how and when the Food Safety Modernization Act will influence your business. Check out the infographic to learn more current food safety trends in the US!
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How to cope with FDA inspections?

  • Compliance, Epista, FDA, Inspections, life science, Oticon
Your LIfe Science company, if present in the US, must be ready for FDA inspections which can take place at any time. This article will help you get a view of how to be “in control” of compliance while also balancing risk, quality and cost. Our speakers showed us how you can create an IT Compliance Plan that includes validation of computerised systems, control of legacy systems, qualified IT infrastructure, and takes into account new focus by FDA and global regulatory authorities on data integrity. Read more here!
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