Is automobile insurance required in the US?

  • automobile insurance, car accidents, cell phone, compulsory auto liability, insurance, liability, minimum limits, text messaging, vehicles
Is automobile insurance required in the US? In 1927 Massachusetts became the first state to require the purchase of auto liability insurance. Since then 49 states and the District of Columbia have followed suit. What state does not require compulsory auto insurance?...
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What are the differences between cyber risk insurance needs in Denmark and the US?

  • business disruption, claims, class action, cyber risk, extortion, insurance, penalties, personal information, risk
Cyber risk in Denmark and Europe is mainly focused on business disruption and extortion, whereas in the US there is a much higher concern about personal information loss from clients and employees. This issue in the US is the source of huge fines and penalties, class actions and notification costs, so Danish companies need to be aware of this...
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