Umbrella organizations

  • EDOs, location, site selection, State incentives
Umbrella organizations that can help you find the right location in the US
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State Incentives

  • Alabama, EDOs, location, Omaha, State incentives
Here you can find materials and resources on incentives from the different US states, as you consider where to locate!
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Map of State and Local resources

  • EDOs, incentives, location, site selection, state and local resources
Explore this interactive map to find US state and local resources, events, and business assistance centers that can help you. Information on starting a business, state financing programs, how to sell to the State and Federal government, and more!
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3 great US locations for High Tech

  • high tech, location, Silicon Valley, site selection, US
Are you a Danish company looking to expand to the US? Have a look at these 3 great locations you might not have known about. It's not just about Silicon Valley!
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3 great US locations for cleantech companies

  • clean tech, green energy, location, site selection, US Market
According to the 2015 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index, California and Massachusetts are ranked as the two leading states within cleantech. However, this article will focus on 3 less well-known, yet successful, states for Danish cleantech companies, to give you a review of other great opportunities for your business.
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3 great US locations for Life Science

  • biotechnology, life science, location, medico, pharma, site selection, US Market
3 great locations you should consider if you are a Danish Life Science company looking to expand to the US By Malene Kleppe-Hansen Location is a crucial part of your business strategy. This is a review of great resources for life science locations in the US. Read the article at the link below, and see how the […]
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Success on the US Market: Booklet by DI

  • distribution, location, partnerships
This informative booklet by DI is from 2012 but still very valid.  It covers, among other areas: case studies of 3 Danish companies entering the US market do’s and don’ts, compiled from a comprehensive survey of Danish companies who have tried it how to develop successful partnerships You can download the booklet here:
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What type of location incentives should I be looking for?

  • incentives, location, site selection
Deloitte gives a good overview of the type of location incentives you might want to look for, from its presentation at SelectUSA in Malmo in Sept. 2015. Successful incentives negotiations are dependent upon the development of competitive leverage and understanding of state and local programs. Incentive types...
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How should I choose where to locate?

  • Deloitte, incentives, local labor market, locate, location, SelectUSA, site selection, tax environment, Value Drivers
Deloitte presented an interesting summary on Site Selection at the SelectUSA conference in Malmo, Sweden, Sept. 2015. Overall considerations depend on the drivers and obstacles to value creation in each location...
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