What are the investment options I should consider when growing in the US market?

  • acquisition, equity, greenfield, investment, joint venture, JV, partnership, wholly-owned
Foreign investors typically need to make three strategic decisions in selecting the most appropriate investment vehicle. Here’s a great overview by Deloitte from the SelectUSA session in Malmo Sept. 2015. Key decisions to make include: Equity vs Non-Equity, Wholly-owned vs Joint Venture,...
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What’s the best way to ensure a successful merger with a US company?

  • marketing, merger, position, positioning, strategy, success
Advice from Michael Sherain, Partner, Quadric, during our Post-Merger event Sept. 2015. Clarifying and activating the new merged company’s positioning and strategic differentiation is a crucial post-M&A priority. The importance of actively developing the culture is often underestimated...
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