How to start up in the US – Guide

  • Guide, start-up, US growth
Do you want to start up your business in the US but don't know where to start? Danish-American Business Forum has compiled some of the best resources from its knowledge base for businesses that want to start up in the US.
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What’s new in the Payments industry?

  • payments, trends
At this Feb 9 2017 event we learned about exciting developments in the payments and fintech industry, hearing from Mastercard, Bird & Bird law firm, Copehagen FinTech, and hiveonline
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3 great US locations for High Tech

  • high tech, location, Silicon Valley, site selection, US
Are you a Danish company looking to expand to the US? Have a look at these 3 great locations you might not have known about. It's not just about Silicon Valley!
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How to cope with FDA inspections?

  • Compliance, Epista, FDA, Inspections, life science, Oticon
Your LIfe Science company, if present in the US, must be ready for FDA inspections which can take place at any time. This article will help you get a view of how to be “in control” of compliance while also balancing risk, quality and cost. Our speakers showed us how you can create an IT Compliance Plan that includes validation of computerised systems, control of legacy systems, qualified IT infrastructure, and takes into account new focus by FDA and global regulatory authorities on data integrity. Read more here!
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Checklist for starting up your business in US

  • Checklist, start-up, US, US Market
Are you about to expand your business to the US? There are many things to consider before you begin. Danish-American Business Forum has made a checklist with the most important decisions to be made and where to begin.
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3 great US locations for cleantech companies

  • clean tech, green energy, location, site selection, US Market
According to the 2015 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index, California and Massachusetts are ranked as the two leading states within cleantech. However, this article will focus on 3 less well-known, yet successful, states for Danish cleantech companies, to give you a review of other great opportunities for your business.
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3 great US locations for Life Science

  • biotechnology, life science, location, medico, pharma, site selection, US Market
3 great locations you should consider if you are a Danish Life Science company looking to expand to the US By Malene Kleppe-Hansen Location is a crucial part of your business strategy. This is a review of great resources for life science locations in the US. Read the article at the link below, and see how the […]
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