Startup School by Y Combinator

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Y Combinator will accept 10,000 startups to prove there’s nothing magical about Silicon Valley. This accelerator-turned-venture fund values ranks among the most successful in Silicon Valley. Its mission to mint new startups is copied by hundreds of accelerators around the world. Its latest venture, Startup School, is a free 10-week massively open online course (MOOC), started in April 2017. YC president Sam Altman aims to prove that companies don't need to be started in Silicon Valley to achieve success. The course is currently ongoing and free, so have a look now to get tips from these great resources!
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Danes Worldwide

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Danes Worldwide is an organization for Danes across the globe. They have many years of experience in dealing with the general transition when moving abroad. For some, this entails making sure that the children maintain their Danish language or figuring out how to gain a new local network (maybe including some Danes?!). For others, it might entail staying on top of the legal ramifications of moving across borders. Danes Worldwide are highly active in the political debate regarding dual citizenship, family unification, and grade conversion, and have a legal advisor on staff to assist their members. Read more about them here.
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FinTech Academy 2017

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FinTech Academy 2017 is designed to let both startups and corporates explore and exploit the thriving FinTech sphere in Denmark and Silicon Valley. The academy strives to facilitate an open and thought-provoking environment where participating Entrepreneurs and Executives can learn, connect and collaborate to explore potential partnerships and growth opportunities. Learn more here about how to apply!
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In Denmark

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Links to organizations located in Denmark who can provide assistance to Danish companies seeking to establish or grow in the US market.
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Links to organizations located in the US who can provide assistance to Danish companies seeking to establish or grow in the US market.
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