Trump Administration and Impact

  • Trump Administration, US Ambassador to Denmark, US Government
Here’s our collection of some of the best resources for understanding the new Trump administration and its potential impact on business conditions in the US Guardian article with the picks to Dec. 9, and further links about each one NYTimes graphic showing who’s in place, who still needs Senate confirmation, and which positions are still to be appointed […]
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US Election

  • Det Ovale Kontor, US Election
Here are some great resources for following the 2016  US Presidential Election and understanding possible implications for Danish businesses operating in US.               A clear explanation of the US election process, by the US Government  A good BBC article summarizing the process A 4 minute YouTube video explaining the US system […]
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US Economy

  • US economy
Brookings Institute Economic Studies program:  The Brookings Economic Studies program analyzes current and emerging economic issues facing the United States and the world, focusing on ideas to achieve broad-based economic growth, a strong labor market, sound fiscal and monetary policy, and economic opportunity and social mobility. The research aims to increase understanding of how the […]
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