What’s the best way to ensure a successful merger with a US company?

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What’s the best way to ensure a successful merger with a US company?

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Advice from Michael Sherain, Partner, Quadric, during our Post-Merger event Sept. 2015

Clarifying and activating the new merged company’s positioning and strategic differentiation is a crucial post-M&A priority. The importance of actively developing the culture is often underestimated.

Importance of cultural understanding for merger success Quadric McKinsey

Cultural uniqueness depends on the organization’s understanding and executing on the core idea. Very few employees fully understand their company’s business strategies and what’s expected of them in order to help achieve company goals.

Many questions must be asked in order to clarify how the merged company culture should be handled, including clarification of “what do we want to be known for” and “what makes this company different”?Key questions to resolve when merging_Quadric


See more advice from Michael in the video below, and see the full presentation here.

The full event agenda, speakers and content can be found here.





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