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You may know about some of the resources available to Danes moving to the US, but do you know what Danes Worldwide can help you with? 

Who are Danes Worldwide?

Danes Worldwide is the organization for Danes across the globe. On a broad scale, they have many years of experience in dealing with the general transition when moving abroad.

For some, this entails making sure that the children maintain their Danish language or figuring out how to gain a new local network (maybe including some Danes? Look for local clusters here.)

For others, it might entail staying on top of the legal ramifications of moving across borders. Danes Worldwide are highly active in the political debate regarding dual citizenship, family unification, and grade conversion, and have a legal advisor on staff to assist their members.

Or perhaps you are simply dealing with the challenges of staying in touch with family, friends and the rest of the Danish society. If the Danish expat community is MIA in your neighborhood you might want to act as a new representative and help gather the forces. Feel free to contact Danes Worldwide if you see an unexplored possibility in your residential area. Call +45 3332 0913 and ask for Senior Manager, Pal Jauernik.

Danes Worldwide Summer School 2015. 3 weeks of Danish language and culture.










Maintaining the Danish language

The US is always one of Danes Worldwide’s top-5 countries in terms of students for both their Summer Schools and the Online Danish Language programs. Expat children, moving to the US, will need to maintain their verbal and written Danish language skills if they are to return to the Danish school system at a later time. The attending students are of ages 6 -18 and the majority of them are extraordinary global in both heart and mind. The staff of educated teachers at Danes Worldwide are always available for an open talk about needs, language levels and exams.

Is your company on board?

Danes Worldwide also have several corporate members with base in the US. Some of them have been there for ages, some are relatively new. Here, Danes Worldwide focus on making the transition into an expat assignment as smooth as possible – not only for the expatriate, but for the whole family. Should you have any inquiries about Corporate Membership agreements, or maybe you are just curious about your own existing arrangement – please feel free to contact Danes Worldwide on +45 3332 0913 and ask for Senior Advisor, Pia Porsborg Solmer, or learn more via this link.

Local engagement

Danes Worldwide strive to visit their members around the world – especially where it is possible to gather ’clusters’ of Danish expats and their (sometimes Danish) families. Avalon is a really popular position game via game designer Microgaming. It is popular that they can even designed a 2014 girl, in the form of Avalon II. The overall game is about the popular King Arthur fantastic knight about the round desk. The brand Avalon originates from the famous island, in which King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was signed. Danes Worldwide promotes upcoming trips and events abroad in their newsletter (free, but in Danish)  and on their website – so maybe you can meet them in your local neighborhood as well.

Article courtesy of Stine Ostergaard, Danes Worldwide