Differentiate your company with a good positioning strategy

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Differentiate your company with a good positioning strategy

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How do you ensure that your company stands out, when marketing it in the US, Denmark or globally?

At our session Sept. 26th, 2017 , strategic positioning agency Quadric introduced us to a great set of tools which you can use to help your management team agree on how you want to differentiate your company / what you want customers to think, when they think of your brand.

Michael Sherain, Partner at Quadric, reviewed the usefulness of the positioning strategy as a tool for getting everyone in your company on the same page and giving all a clear direction.  Positioning is not just a marketing tool – you should use your brand as a management tool that connects everyone, keeps you focused, and helps guide all your decisionmaking.

Quadric on Positioning for Danish-American Business Forum

Quadric has developed, among other tools, 2 models to help companies think about what they want to stand for and what conversations they want to create with people all along their value chain.

  1. What is your company’s core idea, and how will you operationalize it?

Brand positioning tool Quadric

2. What conversations do you want to start with each of the partners across your value chain and how will these be aligned with/build your core idea, so that they all understand what your brand is about and can help you succeed:

Conversation across the value chain Quadric

Michael gave clear educational examples from companies including Volvo, Tesla, Rackspace, Arla Foods and Coloplast.  His session was followed by a presentation from one of their recent clients, DABF member Epista Life Science, who talked about what it was like to go through the exercise with management and come up with a core idea which met the requirements of being true for the company, relevant to customers, and high value.  It was an ideal session for both the startups present as well as the larger companies who have not fully clarified their positioning strategy and would like to work with it further.

You can read more about the session here.