Are you a Danish company employing staff in the US?

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Are you a Danish company employing staff in the US?

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At our event at Kromann Reumert May 25, the three expert speakers emphasized how significant the differences between Danish and American employment laws really are, and we gained a very valuable insight into the legal perspective of hiring employees in the US.

Why does it really matter?

Here’s a little statistical eye-opener, presented at the event.

  • From 1989-2009, employee lawsuits have increased by 400% – 6.5 claims per 1000 employees
  • On average, it costs more than $300,000 to settle an employment lawsuit
  • If judged by a jury, the employer typically has to pay a compensation of more than $490,000
  • As of 2009, 16% chance that the award exceeded $1 million; 67% chance that it exceeded $100,000
  • Employers cannot recover legal fees

According to Christopher G. Kelly, partner in Holland & Knight LLP, one of the most important things is to pay attention to and observe the corporate formalities between parents and US subsidiaries. American laws are enacted on both a federal, state and local level and can thus vary – a very different system than we know in Denmark. Howard Sokol, partner in Holland & Knight LLP, advises Danish companies to begin with these basic questions:

  1. What state are you going to?
  2. What type of entity do you plan on using?

US laws are subject to constant change, especially within discrimination laws, wage & hour laws, and worker classification. These are the three most litigated topics in the court’s today – so make sure you’ve got these legal areas covered!

Hear from Christopher G. Kelly and Howard Sokol here:

Hope you didn’t miss this great event!

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