DABF Annual Meeting 2017

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DABF Annual Meeting 2017

Date: 22 Mar 2017, 15:00 - 18:30

Host: FOSS Innovation Center, Foss Allé 1, 3400 Hillerød

Welcome to an afternoon of Inspiration for Success in US!

Once again we held our our popular Annual Meeting, where we learned more about the US market and heard success stories from: 

  • Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO, FOSS
  • Lars Marcher, President & CEO, AMBU A/S
  • Laura Lochman, Charge D’Affaires, US Embassy Copenhagen
  • Lars Bo Møller, Deputy Chief of Mission, DK Embassy Washington DC
  • Moderator: Steffen Gram, Senior International Correspondent Danmarks Radio

Speakers for DABF Annual Meeting 2017

FOSS kindly hosted us at their Innovation Center, which was especially relevant this year as the company was a founding member of Danish-American Business Forum 20 years ago!

Learn more about the meeting below:

Annual Meeting 2017 at FOSS Danish-American Business Forum

Steffen Gram, journalist and moderator, opened the meeting with his view of what’s happening in the US now – the bottom line being uncertainty.  Among other things, he suggested keeping a close eye on Steve Bannon’s influence on Trump, and any moves toward “deconstruction of the administrative state”. His feeling is that though many things are uncertain, one thing isn’t – all indications are that nothing in government will remain as it used to be.

According to Laura Lochman, Charge D’Affaires, US Embassy Copenhagen, we are in the midst of  “a bit of transition”, and though many key roles are still not in place, the US Embassy is still very much open for business.  The US economy is strengthening and is on a sustained path of economic recovery, and it IS still a good time for Danish companies to expand and grow in the US.  There are continued opportunities in areas like water technologies (scarcity, excess, treatment), wind collaboration and renewables projects, and healthcare, and she mentioned the SelectUSA conference coming up in June (on our events calendar) as a key way to meet states and get a closer understanding of the market.   Lars Bo Møller, Deputy Chief of Mission, DK Embassy Washington DC, reiterated these opportunity areas and emphasized the need to focus on and work with state and local levels, not to be distracted by the fog and noise at federal level.  Both agreed that it is disconcerting that key trade agreements are being re-evaluated and not yet knowing the future of customs/import duties, but it seems that countries like China and Mexico will be priority focus areas, and that the US still wants and expects to keep Denmark as a key partner, so Denmark shouldn’t expect key changes immediately.  They reminded that the US Congress WILL have an active role in deciding future regulations, and there will be much debate before things change – Trump cannot just wave a magic wand and get change.  (see our article here on Who Decides What in the US Government or our article How Fast can US Laws Change).

We received inspiration on how companies can succeed in US, first from Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO FOSS.  He pointed out that for FOSS, “Knowledge is the Key” – deep knowledge of customers, the market, and technology.  FOSS’s mission is to provide the industry’s best Dedicated Analytical Solutions, helping customers improve quality and optimize food and agricultural production.  We learned how and why FOSS established, closed, and re-established in the US, and about their key learnings and challenges in the areas of US management, required competencies, production scale and the need for 24/7 operations, as well as the need to be fast-moving and fact-based.  (Members can receive the FOSS presentation by requesting it at business@dabf.dk).

Our second case of Inspiration for Success in US came from Lars Marcher, President & CEO, AMBU A/S.  He reviewed Ambu’s fantastic performance growth from 2008 to 2016, and talked about the importance of good analysis, strategy, execution, and management philosophy.  He discussed many important changes and investments which have been made at Ambu US over several phases, and have supported the very strong performance in the US.  He ended by reviewing typical mistakes companies make when entering the US, and giving good advice on what to do instead.

All in all, an exciting meeting with lots of learning for our members seeking expansion in the US!  Thanks to those of you who could join us!

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Networking Break

Inspiration for Success in US
Presentations and panel discussion with:

  • Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO, FOSS
  • Lars Marcher, President & CEO, AMBU A/S
  • Laura Lochman, Charge d’Affaires, US Embassy Copenhagen
  • Lars Bo Møller, Deputy Chief of Mission, DK Embassy Washington DC
  • Steffen Gram, DR Journalist (moderator)

Networking and refreshments

refreshments at Danish-American Business Forum Annual Meeting 2017 at FOSS


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