Finding a Distributor in the US: Advice and Tips

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Finding a Distributor in the US: Advice and Tips

Date: 18 May 2017, 8:45 - 12:15

Host: LEMAN, Ventrupvej 6, 2670 Greve

Expanding your sales to the US can be confusing – with different laws in different states, customs rules, legal issues surrounding partnerships with potential distributors or agents, transport and logistics challenges, and not least, players like Amazon and Alibaba getting into the game.

Join us to learn how to minimize your risk when choosing a distributor and/or logistics partner. Learn how other Danish companies have tackled this issue – what they did right and what they would avoid if doing it today.

Note that this event is free for employees of DABF member companies and first-time guests who might consider membership. To explore becoming a member, read more at About DABF or contact us here.


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Einar Dyrhauge, Executive Director, Danish-American Business Forum

Legal considerations when choosing a US distributor   
Thomas Thorup, Attorney US and Denmark, Thomas Martin Law
A review of different distribution models and legal terms you must know when making your contracts

Case: From 0 to 40 million DKK in 3 years in the US
Henrik Holmris, CEO, Holmris Group
After developing the right distribution network, Holmris has major success in the US. Henrik Holmris tells about Holmris’ challenges and experiences when developing their distribution network in the US

Distributors – An ever challenging and changing structure
Henning Kallesen, Export Director, Toms
A distributor set-up is not a permanent solution, but it might be the right solution at the moment. Constant evaluation of the partner, the market and the set-up is needed. Hear how Toms, with brands including Toms, Anton Berg, A Xoco and more, has handled this in the US over the years

Coffee and Networking

Supporting distribution in the US with the right transport and logistics partner
Jay Frank, Business Development Manager, LEMAN USA
The Amazon Factor has changed the way of thinking logistics, which challenges foreign companies’ distribution. Find out how LEMAN supports distribution in the US with transport and logistics and helps foreign companies to be even better positioned in the US market

Case: Establishing Stelton’s distribution and sales in the US market
Finn Gram-Jensen, Export Manager, Stelton
Stelton was born global in 1960 without much experience in distribution and sales in the US. Learn more about Stelton’s practical experiences and challenges related to establishing distribution and sales in the US market

Wrap-up and Q&A

Light networking lunch


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