Optimize your website for e-commerce in the US

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Optimize your website for e-commerce in the US

Date: 6 Mar 2018, 8:00 - 10:00

Host: MakesYouLocal, Livjægergade 17B, 2100 København Ø

Are you a Danish company growing your business in the US? Have you ensured your website is optimized for use by Americans? 

This was an excellent session thanks to Max and Timon’s expertise and a very engaged audience.  We heard first from Max Riis Christensen, CEO of MakesYouLocal, who works here in Copenhagen to help Danish companies tackling the challenges involved in going to international markets.

Max covered what successful international webshops do well, including knowing their competitive advantage, providing a truly seamless buying experience (all the way from webshop usability to customer service, delivery, return handling and after sale support), investing in marketing, and staying continuously updated on competition. He also showed how to determine your true IPO (Income Per Order), to know whether you can really make money in the countries you want to go to.

Next up was Timon van den Berg, Country Manager Salesupply, USA, kindly stopping off in Denmark while visiting Europe from his office in New York.

He took us through what’s happening in the US, including the unprecedented number of store and mall closings due to the fast growth of online buying.  He also covered who’s winning and why (top-notch online operations with streamlined supply chains, complemented by stores only premium locations, featuring branded experiences).  He then gave his advice on how YOU can ensure your operation wins in the US, including tips on using Amazon, along with concrete listing, logistics and marketing advice.

Note that this event was free for employees of DABF member companies and first-time guests who might consider membership. To explore becoming a member, read more at About DABF or contact us here.




Einar Dyrhauge, Executive Director, Danish-American Business Forum                                           

The challenges of working cross border
Max Riis Christensen, CEO, MakesYouLocal
Max and his company work full time on cross border e-commerce projects. They have detailed insight into local e-commerce challenges and opportunities seen in a global perspective, as well as a great a network of local e-commerce specialists. Their work with cross border e-commerce also includes website optimization, CRM strategies, online marketing and supply chain optimization and outsourcing

E-commerce into the US market
Timon van den Berg, Country Manager Salesupply, USA
Working out of the New York area, Timon helps European companies localize and launch their e-commerce business in the states.  He has a broad experience in crossborder e-commerce and a deep understanding of direct sales as well as sales through Amazon in the US BtC market




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