Positioning your company for success in US

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Positioning your company for success in US

Date: 26 Sep 2017, 8:30 - 12:00

Host: Quadric (in Nomad Workspace building), Blegdamsvej 6B, 2200 København N

Does YOUR company stand out in the minds of your target customers in the US? Does your management team agree on what differentiates your company from your competitors?

Industry leading companies focus on differentiating themselves in surprisingly simple ways. Volvo’s focus on safety, Nike’s focus on inspiration and innovation, and Coloplast’s focus on making life easier are examples of this. However, building a strong and differentiated brand is not reserved for only large global companies. In fact, having a clear focus is paramount for any company with strong growth ambitions. As an outsider trying to enter the US market, it is even more important to know the competitive landscape and understand what uniquely differentiates your company to people within your value chain. This clear focus will help align all activities in your growth agenda.

Danish-American Business Forum Positioning event

At this seminar, Michael from Quadric provided inspiration and insights from Volvo, Tesla, Arla Foods, Coloplast and other companies, and showed us the practical tools Quadric uses with its clients – tools that help management teams understand how to build and execute strategic differentiation.  You can see an article with some of his advice here. His session was followed by a great talk on how LEMAN Transport is building a strong, unified brand across Denmark, the US, and soon to be UK (new acquisition).  Last but not least, Epista Life Science talked about the practicalities of developing and executing a new positioning strategy in a fast-growing consulting company with a complex offer. Evi reviewed how they developed and are now executing their new positioning strategy, and how the strategy has provided them with a clear focus and helped guide decision-making.

Here’s a short video of the event for those who couldn’t make it!

Note that this event was free for employees of DABF member companies and first-time guests who might consider membership. To explore becoming a member, read more at About DABF or contact us here.



Einar Dyrhauge, Executive Director, Danish-American Business Forum

Building Strategic Differentiation

Michael Sherain, Partner, Quadric
Learn from leading brands how a clear focus can drive your growth. Michael Sherain is the co-founder of Quadric, a strategic positioning, brand and marketing consultancy. In addition to his activities at Quadric, Michael is an external lecturer at DTU and a seminar lecturer for CEMS at the Copenhagen Business School. He is also a sixth-generation Californian and graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Coffee and Networking Break

LEMAN – branding an old Danish company in the new American way
Birgitte Hansson, Group Communication & Marketing Manager, LEMAN
After more than 40 years as an independent company in the US market, the transformation from a decentralized management into a strong unified brand has begun. How is LEMAN working to differentiate itself in the US while being true to the ONE LEMAN strategy?

Epista Life Science – Finding the right position in a competitive niche market

Evi Larsen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Epista Life Science
Epista, after growing from 3 to 40 people in just six years, realized that their message needed to catch up to their high-quality services. Learn about the method they used to find the right position, what they are doing to continuously support that position, and the results they are achieving with their efforts.

Wrapup and Q&A

Light networking lunch


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