Presidential Election Study Trip to Washington DC

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Presidential Election Study Trip to Washington DC

Date: 3 Nov 2016 - 9 Nov 2016, 8:00 - 22:00

Join this fascinating deep-dive journey into American Politics November 3 – 9

The US is facing one of the most important elections in history.  Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?  What consequences will the outcome have, for the US as well as Denmark and the rest of the world?

You can get answers to all this and more, by travelling with Anders Agner, founder of, and Christian Ingemann, founder of public affairs agency Ingemann & Co, to see the two congressional chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  • Meet Stéphanie Surrugue, one of DR News’ two US correspondents, who has worked previously as host of Go’ Morgen Danmark, Kulturen on TV2 News, and as a journalist for Politiken
  • Visit RealClearPolitics, one of the US’ leading political media groups
  • Eat at several iconic Washington restaurants close to Capitol Hill, where politicians as well officials and lobbyists often meet
  • Visit Newseum, for a guided tour through American press and media history from 1776 through 2016
  • Learn from Erin Lindsay of Precision Strategies, about how social media is being used for political election campaigns.  Precision Strategies is one of USA’s absolute heaviest agencies in the area of political election campaigns, and was behind president Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign’s ground-breaking use of social media and big data. Erin Lindsay was vice-director for three years in The White House’s department for digital strategy and social media.
  • Tour the swing-state Virginia, with a visit to Virginia Tech as well as a Republican election rally!
  • Visit CNN’s Washington DC office, just 2 days before the election
  • Guided tour of the US Capitol building
  • Session at Brookings Institution, the famous think-tank, to hear about USA’s demographic development and influence of different ethnographic groups
  • Visit to Institute of International Finance (IFF), one of USA’s most important economic think-tanks, where Danish boss Ulrik Bie will give us a glimpse into the American economic situation, with his analysis of how the presidential election will influence the markets and the global economy.
  • Be a dinner guest at the residence of Danish Ambassadør to US Lars Gert Lose
  • Last but not least, visit several election locations to  experience the atmosphere first-hand, as Americans turn out to vote!

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