1:1 Facilitation

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Members can call on DABF staff to facilitate benchmarking with other members or for guidance through the jungle of resources on doing business in the US.

A member from the life science industry wasn’t satisfied with the accounting help it was getting from their US auditor. The auditor was not geared to the services needed of a midsized Danish company. DABF helped them benchmark with other DABF members, and they immediately achieved a better solution.

A member from the consumer industry with a 4-6 salespeople set-up on the US East Coast had an issue with establishing the right level and balance between salary and bonus both towards the competition and vis-à-vis the HQ in Denmark. DABF got hold of 2 member companies with a similar set-up and facilitated valuable input for a solution that was quickly implemented.

A B-T-B member with a plan to expand a smaller US set-up to the next level wanted to make sure that the correct business structure and internal compliance was geared to the planned expansion. DABF facilitated access to the best suited advisors to the specific needs and an action plan was agreed.

Call us at +45 4565 1776  or email business@dabf.dk to get help