How Falck USA grew to become a major player in the field of emergency medical services

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How Falck USA grew to become a major player in the field of emergency medical services

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Falck USA has successfully combined American personnel, equipment and services with more than a century’s experience and expertise in helping Scandinavians

Since entering the American market in late 2010, Falck USA, the wholly owned USA subsidiary of Falck A/S, has grown into one of the largest private providers of emergency medical treatment in the United States. By the end of 2016, Falck USA had a revenue of 324 USDm and employed 4.200 people across the country – spreading form the Pacific Northwest to the South of Florida.

“Falck is a company of solid, established values and a clear cooperate culture of helping. This gives us a sense of common accord, which is important when unifying our seven entities under a common banner. We are all people helping people”, says Boo Heffner, CEO of Falck USA.

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Growth across the map

Falck USA has accomplished its results in the US thanks to a blend of platform acquisitions, smaller strategic acquisitions and a strong organic growth throughout the country.

Adaptability is a key ingredient in the expansion across the US. Falck USA adapts for the needs of each community and partner and the focus is always on quality, customer service and – most importantly – patient outcome.

In keeping with this theme, the companies acquired by Falck USA retain their corporate identities with the support and backing of Falck USA.

“We are proud to have a group of established, best-in-class companies as the backbone of our growth. Falck’s position as a privately-held company allows us to maintain our focus on the communities and costumers we serve”, says Boo Heffner.

In December 2010, Falck acquired LifeStar Response Ambulance, which operates in Maryland, Delaware and Alabama, and Care Ambulance, which operates in Los Angeles, California.

A third platform acquisition was made in 2012 with American Ambulance, with activities in Florida and New England. That same year, Falck USA also acquired Veriheath, operating in Sacramento and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and Cape Cod Ambulances, operating in Massechussetts.

Recently, in 2015, Rapid Response from Detroit, Michigan, joined the family.

Taking part in the community

Along with the platforms and smaller acquisitions, Falck USA has also established greenfield operations through 911 tenders in Salem, Oregon (Falck Northwest) and Aurora, Colorado (Falck Rocky Mountains), as well as through inter-facility contracts with hospitals in Washington State and New Hampshire.

Both Falck Northwest and Falck Rocky Mountains both operate using the Falck logo familiar across most of Scandinavia and throughout Europe, and both companies actively partake in activities aimed at improving the local communities.

“It is a priority that a number of CSR Programs of Falck USA are based on our expertise within the fields of high performance system design and medical transportation. We encourage our employees to share their professional knowledge and passion for helping others”, says Boo Heffner.

Along with a number of sponsorships and donations, medical personal from Falck USA took part in activities such as Kids Safety Day Fair in Seattle, WA, and worked with The University of Colorado Hospital to raise awareness of the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Article courtesy of Jesper Jakobsen, Group Public Affairs & Communications, Falck

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