What incentives are there in Clean Green in US?

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What incentives are there in Clean Green in US?

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Clean Green in the US

In a January 2016 at Dansk Industri, the US Embassy, Ramboll Environ USA, the City of Copenhagen, DHI and WindowMaster all attested to the fact that now is the time for Danish companies to seize opportunities in the green, clean tech sector in the US.  

According to Susan M. Delja, Nordic / Baltic Regional Hub Officer for Environment, Science, Technology and Health of the Embassy of the United States of America, there are clear signals that the US is getting serious about green energy. Both Cop21 and the Mission Innovation initiative, where the US became one of 20 countries committed to doubling clean energy research and development investment over five years, indicate more money will be going to the sector, and Bill Gates’ announcement of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of more than 20 billionaires who have agreed to invest in innovative clean energy, was yet another powerful sign. Even if the Presidential Elections move the US further away from the environmental agenda, there will be private initiatives continuing to press for solutions in this critical area, and companies from Denmark, with its green brand strength, are well-positioned to be seen as valuable partners.

See Susan’s full presentation here: Susan Delja US Embassy

Lisa Grice, Sustainability Practice Director, Environment & Health, Ramboll Environ in Denver Colorado, presented clear ways in which Danish companies can capture the American Green Agenda and succeed in the US market.

She talked about how early movers get the chance to establish their name, set up distribution, move down the learning curve, and build a loyal client base. Furthermore and perhaps most importantly: Now is the time when new regulations and standards are being established to support green consumption going forward, so getting in on this level means Danish companies can help create the standards.

She went through how to capture the green market in the US by adapting your value proposition to fulfill the needs of the different segments of the American market, choosing the right destination then FOCUSING on just that, engaging in and building real relationships, and avoiding green washing.

How to capture the green market in the US Ramboll

She also went in detail through different approaches that could be used to enter the green market in the US, as pictured here:

Approaches to the Green market in the US _ Ramboll

WindowMaster, (natural ventilation) gave some valuable advice on how they tackled the process to determine how and where to build their business in the US.

Market analysis

  • Initially, Rambøll/ Environ was hired to conduct a market analysis of the US
  • The task was to determine the market size, evaluate the potential and assess the competitive situation
  • The report concluded that natural ventilation was a green field with large potential
  • Lastly, it was recommended to establish office in San Francisco

Strategy process

  • During the fall, a new strategy of WindowMaster was approved by the board of directors
  • In the strategy process the focus countries of the future were decided upon based on the underlying belief that we need to be present to influence a market
  • The U.S. was characterized as a focus country and an investment case done (break even is estimated to occur in 2018)

Go-to-market plan

  • After having decided to invest in the U.S., the go-to-market planning was initiated
  • Part of this planning included two trips to the U.S. –one of them as participant in DI Clean tech delegation to NYC
  • Furthermore, to confirm San Francisco as the right location, interviews with local partners (e.g. Innovation Center) were conducted

See the presentation here: Erik Boyter, WindowMaster