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Membership in DABF gives you

  • Free event attendance for all your staff
  • 15 to 20 events per year
  • DABF newsletter, with valuable tips and advice on doing business in the US
  • A new network of people from other Danish companies facing similar challenges
  • Access to the DABF Knowledge Base, with bite-sized pieces of advice on specific legal, HR, tax and many other topics
  • 1:1 facilitation from DABF staff, to help you learn how other members have resolved similar US challenges

When we come back from a DABF seminar, we always return with new knowledge, inspiration and very importantly with a valuable and increased network. DABF provides tools, best practices and valuable knowledge about the US, helping to increase continuous growth

Palle Grøn Kjeldsen,
Senior Director, Falck Danmark A/S

DABF is saving us a lot of effort and expense while planning our entry into the US market. We're learning from the experience of other members and finding shortcuts to the best solutions

Lars Gabe,
Lars Gabe, CEO, Ice A/S (Intelligent Creative Engineering)

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Membership Fees

Small Company

11,500 DKK year

Below 40 million in Annual Global Turnover

Medium Company

22,800 DKK year

40 million to 1 billion in Annual Global Turnover

Large Company

32,000 DKK year

Above 1 billion in Annual Global Turnover

DABF membership has been valuable to us. Being a company with a US HQ and a Danish based R&D organization there is a great fit for us in DABF. DABF has arranged a lot of very relevant meetings which have been useful across various functions in our team. On top of that, membership also allows for important networking with companies facing similar challenges and benefits being a mixed US and DK cultural company. DABF provides the right balance of arranging good meetings with important topics, but also with an understanding of the need of a friendly and inclusive social atmosphere for creation of network.

Karsten Lindhardt,
M.Sc., Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer, Egalet