What’s it like to attend our events?

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What’s it like to attend our events?

Here’s what members say they like about belonging to ACCESSUSA:

  • “I get answers to my specific questions, from the short, focused sessions on topics that help me address my challenges in US”
  • “I like the network of other Danish companies I meet, who are facing similar challenges – I can learn how they handled similar challenges, and share experience and solution ideas”
  • “ACCESSUSA enables us to meet and get inspiration from high-level CEOs , at the Annual General Meeting and at the Annual dinner at the residence of the US Ambassador to Denmark”
  • “ACCESSUSA’s close connection with the US Embassy and US Ambassador help give us good knowledge, inspiration and networks”
  • “ACCESSUSA meetings are informal and the speakers very approachable – everyone is comfortable to ask questions”
  • “The speakers are really good, and often able to inject humor even on deep legal and insurance topics”
  • ACCESSUSA staff really listen to our needs, are professional, helpful, and friendly”

Scroll down to take a look at these past events

Positioning your company for success in US

At this seminar, Michael from Quadric showed some tools that help management teams understand how to build and execute strategic differentiation, while Birgitte from LEMAN Transport shared how she is building a unified brand across Denmark and the US. Lastly, Evi reviewed how Epista Life Science developed and are now executing their new positioning strategy.

Anniversary reception – celebrate DABF 20 years!

We welcomed our members back from summer holidays with this reception to help us celebrate our 20 year anniversary! It was hosted at the home of Laura Lochman, Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Denmark, with commentary by Laura, our Chairman Peter Kürstein, and Kåre Schultz, President & CEO, Lundbeck.

Visa and Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

We had over 50 registrations for this popular event about what types of visas you should get for different types of employees, the pros and cons of the various visa types, and what types of tax and social insurance issues you should consider and plan for before you move yourself or your employees to the US.

E-commerce to grow your business in US

This well-attended event gave ACCESSUSA members and guests a deeper understanding of how to set up your business and website for selling online. They got insight into different tools and optimization techniques, and met Danish companies who have tried it.

US and Global Leadership Challenges

This event was developed to give inspiration on how you and your teams can become even more effective when working in the US and other markets. About 50 members and guests joined us at Maersk’s headquarters to learn about strategies and tools for working across boundaries and preparing your leaders for today’s global leadership demands.

Incentivizing your US workforce

30 members and guests joined us to learn from Mercer, Maersk, Radiometer and US companies, how to set the right levels of salary and incentives, as well as what kinds of packages exist in the different industries and company sizes.

DABF Annual Meeting

We were joined by over 100 members and guests at ACCESSUSA’s 2016 Annual Meeting, followed by an impressive program of inspirational speakers and an elegant dinner hosted by DSV at its beautiful new head office in Hedehusene near Copenhagen.

Future Trends – Implications for your US strategy?

ACCESSUSA members and guests got an inspiring start to the New Year through this overview of the relevant megatrends for both B2C and B2B, specific trends in US economy, demographics, and political landscape, what’s happening in different geographic regions across the US, and how the market is likely to evolve over the coming 5 to 10 years.

The event included as session about what these findings could mean for your business / how you might need to adapt your US strategy and tactics.

Inroads to US for Fashion and Accessories

At this fantastic and inspiring event, participants learned about how to enter the US Fashion and Accessories Retail Market. Experts from the Danish Fashion Institute, Dansk Mode og Textil, legal advisors from Thomas Martin LLP, Trade Council New York, and others, discussed US retail structure, what US buyers are looking for, distribution channels / partners, showroom fees & terms, legal, and e-commerce considerations.