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Startup School by Y Combinator

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Y Combinator will accept 10,000 startups to prove there’s nothing magical about Silicon Valley

This accelerator-turned-venture fund values ranks among the most successful in Silicon Valley. Its mission to mint new startups is copied by hundreds of accelerators around the world.  Its latest venture, Startup School, is a free 10-week massively open online course (MOOC), started in April 2017.  YC president Sam Altman aims to prove that companies don’t need to be started in Silicon Valley to achieve success.

The course is currently ongoing and free, so have a look now to get tips from these great resources!

One great video to start with is the one by Jess Lee (Partner at Sequoia Capital) and Aaron Harris (Partner at YC) discuss raising money as an early stage company, and how to think about the fundraising process. Ali Rowghani (CEO of YC Continuity, previously CFO, COO @ Twitter, CFO @ Pixar) shares his thoughts on how to be a great leader and succeed long-term.

How to Raise Money, and How to Succeed Long-Term – Jess Lee, Aaron Harris, & Ali Rowghani

Some of the other sessions which have great videos, transcripts and lecture slides include:

  • Kirsty Nathoo, Partner and the CFO at Y Combinator has worked with thousands of companies through all stages of their life; from incorporation to hiring to fundraising. In this lecture, Kirsty talks about Startup Mechanics – the basics
  • Kevin Hale, Partner at Y Combinator, and Dalton Caldwell, Director of Admissions and Partner at Y Combinator, hold office hours with three startups: HubHaus, Lambda Intelligence, and Commaful
  • Anu Hariharan, Partner at YC Continuity, sits down with Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures and previously the founding CEO and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, to talk about belief systems around hiring, and how to manage your company’s growth internally
  • Kat Manalac, Partner and Director of Outreach at YC, hosts a panel with Makinde Adeagbo (dev/color), Cat Perez (HealthSherpa), Jennifer Kim (Lever), Ashu Desai (Make School), Mitchell Lee (Penny) and Cristina Cordova (Stripe) to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce for early stage companies.
  • One of the pioneers of personal computing, Alan Kay thought of laptops and graphical interfaces years before they were realized. At XeroxPARC, Apple, HP and Disney, he has developed tools for improving the mind. In these two lectures, Alan shares his story and how to think about building for the future.
  • Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook, shares with us how to get users, how to grow, and how to measure growth.

Don’t miss this great chance to prepare yourself for the US market and beyond!