US Ambassador to Denmark named

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US Ambassador to Denmark named

  • Carla Sands, US Ambassador to Denmark

The new US Ambassador to Denmark has been confirmed by the Senate!

Carla Sands

We congratulate Ms. Carla Sands and look forward to working together and introducing her to our members during 2018.

She is a native of Pennsylvania and currently a resident of California, and in her statement to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations here, she states “I will bring to the job of Chief of Mission experience in the business sector and the nonprofit world as I have practiced as a Doctor of Chiropractic, raised funds for abused and neglected children, the arts, the police and homeless rehabilitation and many other deserving causes. In my younger years, I was a working actress and since my husband’s death in 2015 I have been the Chairman of Vintage Capital Group…these varied leadership roles will serve me well in the different facets of Chief of Mission in Denmark and I could not be more excited about the opportunity to lead this team”.

Among her priorities, she mentions 3 primary goals:

  • “First, I will endeavor to promote bilateral trade and economic prosperity…”
  • “Second…I will work with the regional commander to further our close military alliance with Denmark to deter aggressors in the region and promote stability worldwide”
  • “Third… my goal …is to engage with as many of the almost six million Danes as I can…to promote the people to people partnerships between Danes and Americans, through study abroad and exchange programs, cultural programming, and community outreach. I plan to do so by blending classical engagement with new and innovative ways to reach all, especially young people, to continue to foster a close and deep mutual respect and appreciation between our two countries”

We look forward to meeting Ambassador Carla Sands in the near future!

You can watch her Senate hearing here, starting at about minute 9:00.

She was received by the Queen of Denmark along with the Ambassadors from Norway, Egypt, Austria, Israel and Mexico on Dec. 15th, 2017.

Foto from Hasse Ferrold of Carla Sands being received by Queen of Denmark

Photo courtesy of Hasse Ferrold