US Basic Facts

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US Basic Facts

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Here are some interesting statistics on the US market, gathered from some of our recent presenters.

The US is the world’s biggest economy, equivalent to about 1/4 of the world’s GDP

US is worlds biggest economy Foreign Ministry

US Population is 322 million in 2015

US Population growth UM

Approximately 60% of the population is living east of the Mississippi River, however migration to the South and West continues.

US Population Density Deloitte

Here are some key comparisons between US and Denmark on population size, GDP per capita, number of companies, sales of apparel and footwear, and 2014 imports / exports.

US Denmark comparison population_GDP per cap_companies_fashion sales

US unemployment rate is lowest since before 2008, around 5%.

US unemployment rate over time

US Consumer Confidence Index is at the highest levels since 2008 financial crisis.

US Consumer Confidence index over time

Personal consumption expenditures are growing

US personal consumption expenditures over time

The West Coast, Rocky Mountain Area, and Texas are experienced good GDP growth

Geographical growth differences across US states UM

Here are the Top 12 Cities in terms of wealth:

Top 12 US cities in terms of wealth UM

Mature innovation clusters are mainly located on the coasts, however clusters are emerging in many non-traditional locations, like Denver, Minneapolis, Kansas City and Portland.

Innovative cities in the US