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Use your Digital Natives’ talent well!

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Camilla Ley Valentin, Co-founder & CCO at Queue-it, helped us understand the Digital Native as an employee, and more

Camilla and Sidsel at DABF event

At our April 21st Networking Evening to celebrate Women in IP, hosted jointly with Awapatent, keynote speaker Camilla Ley Valentin brought inspiration and energy from the startup and tech world.  She covered what it’s like to start a digital company, what it’s like to have a staff of mainly Digital Natives, and how to use their talents best. She also taught us how we can think about and create our own Personal Social Media strategy, as well as introduced important trends she’s following that will have a great impact on society.

Among her points were:

  • Digital Natives will constitute 25% of the workforce in Denmark and many other countries already by 2020
  • At Queue-it, 3/4 of the staff are under 30 and there are many nationalities. This means there is no “group think” and if you manage it well you can get great diversity of ideas
  • Ensuring they stay motivated involves understanding them and utilizing their skills
  • They are natural generalists, afraid of specialization
  • Not accustomed to long term planning or goal setting
  • Work and leisure time are one and the same
  • Work must be MEANINGFUL
  • Feedback is important – lots of it, but at the right time eg IMMEDIATELY, not a few days later
  • Social presence on digital media is a MUST – relationships are everything. They almost think it’s creepy if you don’t have a digital presence – what are you hiding? 🙂
  • Recruiting is also very relational – those interested in the jobs you post will have contacted multiple people already working in your company. Get used to it. Transparency is great – you can’t control it so embrace it.

She also gave us her key takeaways from starting a digital company, which include

  • buy as little as possible. Start as a SERVICE, pay as you grow. VIP for cash flow
  • it’s both good and bad that there is no legacy of processes or organizational structure – but you will need to be agile to find ways to meet the needs of the organization as it grows. The good thing is there seems to be a tool for everything, and Digital Natives are great at finding them

Fun facts about Queue_it

She gave us usable lessons in Personal Social Media strategy – including the importance of being

  • Authentic
  • Diplomatic
  • Welcoming dialogue
  • Creating synergies w. offline activities
  • Using differentiated principles for:
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook

Camilla Ley Valentin and Queue_it mission

And last but not least she covered some of the interesting trends she’s following, which those of us in “traditional” companies might not be as aware of:

Trends from Camilla Ley

All in all it was a great evening! We hope you can join us next year to get inspired and make new contacts to build your own network.

listening to Camilla at DABF

Collage from Women in IP food