What does the market for Danish Fashion companies look like in the US?

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What does the market for Danish Fashion companies look like in the US?

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On November 16 and 17, 2015, the Trade Council New York, DABF and several other organizations hosted a full day seminar / crash course on the US market for Danish Fashion companies.  The clear message was that “the sky is the limit”!


The Nov. 17th event was held at the Rydhave residence of the US Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, and he opened the session by saying “The US is not even in the top 20 of export markets for the Danish Fashion industry.  That has just got to change! Yes it will take money and effort, but the reward if you are successful is sky high!”

Danish fashion export markets

Ambassador Gifford also emphasized that  the ‘’Danish’’ brand  is gaining momentum worldwide, as being known for high quality, innovation and design – all of which perfectly support the Danish Fashion industry.

Renee Prince Fillip, Fashion & Retail Consultant, continued by saying “We all know, that we are supposed to know, about Danish design. We know that it’s cool…fabulous.  We get it. So you should use that to your advantage”.

Liz Jones, from the Trade Council New York, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs /UM) gave an introduction to the US economic status, geography, and demographics, showing the immense opportunities due to the sheer size of the economy and its growth, as well as continued improvements in consumer confidence.  She talked in depth about how to be prepared to meet sales agents and work with showrooms, and typical mistakes Danes make with being too humble or unprepared for Americans who want information FAST.

A wide variety of trade shows were discussed, and we got honest straightforward lessons of what to do and what to avoid from case speakers from Ilse Jacobsen and Soulland.

All in all the conclusion was that Danish companies should be more aggressive and optimistic in tackling the US market, getting help from all the available partners who presented the seminar.

A presentation with all the advice is available to members on request, and we hope to hold new sessions in the future to help the Danish Fashion industry successfully grow in the US market!

The agenda from the event is here.

See the presentations here: Fashion in the US: Tips from experts

See the event video here: